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Curious Bubbles

- The Diamond Unicorns -
3 Cavaliers with  3 Giant silken Unicorns.

- The Swan Gods -
3 Exotic Princes with 3 Giant silken Swans.


The sculptures unfold from the dancers’ bodies.

The artistes gather and dance
… the animals grow unexpectedly
and remain attached to their bodies.

They group and re-group
in solos, duets and trios,
dancing with elegant ease through 
changing geometric patterns
and in tender interaction.

They are conceived for
open ended semi-itinerant presence
and in choreographed show-performances.

...with either a 
pre-recorded soundtrack / soundscape,
or with live music.


Our sculptures as Art and as Animals:


As ART :  kinetic sculpture.
As ANIMALS :  regal creatures with beating hearts.

Tender, Strong, Vain & Elegant.

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